The Lives and Legend of Roy Rogers’ Palomino
Second Edition

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Roy Rogers’ golden palomino, Trigger, was the perhaps the most famous horse in film—more popular than the man himself among certain fans. In its expanded second edition, this detailed look at the animals and men who created the legend of “the smartest horse in the movies” examines the life story of the original Trigger—and his doubles, particularly Little Trigger, the extraordinary trick horse. This edition includes 30,000 words of new text and over 200 photographs (90 new to this edition)

Movies in which Trigger appeared without Rogers are discussed. Additional material covers unresolved aspects of Trigger’s story; controversies surrounding the sale of the Roy Roger’s Museum collection and the fate of his legacy; rare photos and expanded text; Trigger’s solo movie career; purchase timeline; doubles and look-alikes.

Table of Contents

Forewords by Corky Randall and Cheryl Rogers-Barnett
Introduction: Once Upon a Time on a Horse

1.  Remembering Trigger
2.  Chasing Trigger
3.  Trigger’s Tale
4.  Dick Weston and the Golden Cloud
5.  Trigger’s Trail
6.  Little Trigger
7.  Trigger Jr. and the Roy Rogers Remuda
8.  Golden Stallion, Silver Screen
9.  Trigger Filmography
10. Trigger Television
11. Glenn Randall and the Randall Ranch
12. The Smartest Horse in the Movies
13. Ride ’em Cowboy
14. Trigger Collectibles and Memorabilia
15. Trigger Trivia
16. Trigger’s Peers
17. Horse Hero Comic Books
18. Golden Slumbers, Empty Saddle
19. Golden Sunset, Blue Shadows
20. Trigger Timeline