Trigger Golden Edition – Leather Bound

Not for sale

While the second edition of the Trigger book was going through a long copy-edit and mock-up, I was approached by a serious Roy Rogers fan (wishing to remain anonymous) about a special edition. He offered to fund the cost of a limited run with hard, leather-bound covers. Though he agreed to share photos with fans online, he did NOT want to produce books for sale but as gifts for those who tirelessly donated their time, knowledge, and archives to the Trigger book project.

As I did not want to use a generic drawing of a horse, I took my drawing pencils and pens out of the mothballs and worked up a likeness of Trigger surrounded by a filigree design. Jack Tom, designer of the Trigger second-edition cover, formatted the layout. Originally two samples were made, one in black leatherette and one in brown genuine leather. They turned out beautifully, no surprise given the expensive printing and binding process. The latter was chosen for production. I share the result here out of pride and gratitude.

Original drawing, ink and marker on bond paper.
Shortly after this photo was taken, copies were shipped into the four winds,. The Trigger Estes Tarter figure wasn’t going anywhere.