The Old Cowboy Picture Show Revised
“Celebrating the Great Western Heroes”

Leo Pando and George Coan

The Old Cowboy Picture Show Publishing
Laurinburg, North Carolina

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The Old Cowboy Picture Show Revised is based on a newsletter that was published between 1998 and 2009 in South Carolina by B-Western historian, super fan, and collector George Coan. More than a history of B-Western movies and television shows, the 60-issue newsletter was the focal point of devoted fans, and showcased festivals, club gatherings, and related news.

Included are selected essays on well-known and obscure cowboy heroes, a background history of the B-Western phenomenon from the silver screen to the small screen, an overview of the B-Western fan base, and The Old Cowboy Picture Show club history.

From the Preface and Forward

I can’t imagine my childhood without B-Westerns. The line between good and evil was clearly drawn. They were a great fantasy: a hero with a great singing voice, who always got the prettiest girl, made hash of bad guys in an hour, was always broke but rode a twenty-five-hundred dollar horse, and rode with a side kick who made him laugh.

While baby boomers in general have a sentimental attachment to western stars like The Lone Ranger and Hopalong Cassidy, it’s passing at best. However, there remains a small and serious fan base still very loyal to the once popular B-Western movie, the last made a half century ago. They are hard-core devotees who refuse to let go completely of the heroes they idolized as children.

At its peak The Old Cowboy Picture Show newsletter was mailed nationally to over 400 Saddle Pals each month and we were acknowledged by American Cowboy, a national magazine. Not bad for a publication that began as a simple vehicle to promote local monthly B-Westerns screenings George Coan played free of charge in his theater.

Table of Contents 

  1. Background, Biographies and History
  2. Action Cowboys – Fists of Fury
  3. Singing Cowboys – Guns and Guitars
  4. Fictional Cowboys – Larger Than Life
  5. Sidekicks and Cowboy Clowns
  6. Old Faithful Pal of Mine
  7. Stunt Men – The Genuine Article
  8. Cowboy Clothes, Cow Towns and Comic Books
  9. The Little Box and the Big Picture
  10. The End of the Trail