An Illustrated History of Trigger

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An Illustrated History of Trigger is a tribute, history, and analysis of the men and animals who created and nurtured the legend of “the Smartest Horse in the Movies.” It is a detailed look at how the magic of a Palomino wonder horse was put on screen and before live audiences by Roy Rogers and Glenn Randall, one of the finest trainers to work in Hollywood. This first edition contains a number of photos and a few sections of text the second edition does not.

Roy Rogers’ golden Palomino Trigger was more popular with certain fans than the King of the Cowboys was himself. There are some who are still infatuated by the horse 40 years after his death in 1965. Trigger is the most famous movie horse of all time. “Trigger” was a composite which included the original horse, a number of look-a likes, and one extraordinary double named Little Trigger that Rogers never acknowledged publicly.

Loaded with information, An Illustrated History of Trigger covers Trigger’s life story; movie, television, and personal appearances. Many rare photographs gathered from Trigger collectors nation wide are featured, some never before published in a book. Documents such as Trigger’s registration form and bill of sale are also included.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments: Trigger Pals
Foreword by Corky Randall
Introduction: The Horse Prances

1. Remembering Trigger
2. Chasing Trigger
3. Trigger’s Story
4. Little Trigger: The Horse Behind the Horse
5. Trigger Jr., the Roy Rogers Remuda, and Other Doubles
6. The Golden Stallion
7. Trigger on Television
8. Glenn Randall, Magician
9. The Smartest Horse in the Movies
10. Roy Rogers, Horseman
11. Trigger Collectibles and Memorabilia
12. Trigger’s Peers
13. Horse Hero Comic Books
14. The Last Ride
15. My Pal Trigger
16. Trigger Time Line
17. A Dictionary of Trigger Trivia
18. Trigger Filmography

Chapter Notes